About us

Our company was officially founded in 2018, the result of the convergence of our passion for ground transportation and our dedication to breeding dogs, particularly Welsh Corgis, for over 35 years. Heavily involved in dog competitions in Canada and the USA, we soon took on the task of transporting our own dogs and puppies to various destinations. Over the years, many breeders have come to us for our expertise, advice, and transportation services for their precious animals.

Taking advantage of my husband’s experience as a truck driver for 35 years, we decided to combine our skills and found a specialized
ground transportation company. As a result, we can offer complete logistical follow-up services, as well as escorting for air flights in
the cabin.

We are proud of our partnerships with Montreal-based airlines for domestic flights within Canada, as well as our collaborations with
IPATA agencies based in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes for ground transportation.

As a constantly evolving company, and driven by our passion for our profession, we have recently taken the steps to become a
member of IPATA. This decision testifies to our commitment to continue providing quality services to our customers and to adhere
to the highest professional standards in the industry.

We look forward to continuing our growth and strengthening our collaborations in the pet ground transportation and logistics